A number of RPGs created by members of Team Secundus will be available to play over the weekend. If there is enough demand for the convention we may expand to house a specific gaming room where these games as well as more space intensive wargaming can take place.

Some of the RPGs  being designed by Team Secundus and are listed below.

Imperial Duty

A storygame set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 setting.

By Alex Helm

For up to 6 players.

Suitable for age 15+

Takes 2-3 hours to play.

An Imperial hive world has fallen to a terrible heresy, and the Inquisition has arrived to determine its fate. Take on the roles of the key characters involved and develop the story from start to finish in this scene-framing storygame. No experience of storygaming or Warhammer 40,000 is needed, just enthusiasm and a creative mind!

Midnight Run

A character-focused roleplaying game set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 setting.

By Alex Helm

For 5 players.

Due to some mature themes, this is only suitable for players aged 18 and over.

Takes 5-6 hours to play.

A group of Chaos Heretics with an unfortunate Imperial prisoner. A mission to get from the heart of Imperial space back to the Chaos worlds to hand in the prisoner and collect the bounty. What could possibly go wrong? However, in the grim far future, things are rarely as simple as they seem and loyalties are sure to be tested.

This is an intense character-focused roleplaying game, which means detailed characters with numerous secrets, every action having consequences, and extensive opportunity for character development through situations that will challenge beliefs and motivations during the session. Expect lots of in-character interactive roleplaying but little combat (unless you go out and cause it!).

This game uses an extremely cut-down light version of the Black Crusade system, designed to focus more on the roleplaying than the rules. No experience of the system is necessary, but a basic knowledge of the Warhammer 40,000 background and setting would be useful.

The Fiascos:

Fiasco is a narrative RPG designed by Jason Morningstar.  The mechanics are for story creation rather than character action meaning that anything can and will happen in the hours of game play and works best for 3-5 players.  We will have two Fiasco playsets designed to take place in GW settings.

Hive City Adventure.

A lot happens in Arachne, the last Imperial Census had the official citizen count at 4.5 billion and that was 500 years ago and no one counts the mutants. Few care about it being the biggest and most productive city on Lugh V but the Planetary Governor is still selected from the ruling Houses of Balor the oldest city of Lugh which is something that doesn’t sit well with those amongst the ruling houses of Arachne even if the Governor being an outsider to the internal politicking of Arachne means they can arbitrate when the houses move against each other. Not that there are any official ties between the Houses and the gangs or proof that the gang wars amongst the underhive are a proxy for what ever is going on in the spires. Either way the city is booming and upheaval is the only constant if you don’t worry about the constant danger, and if you don’t worry about how dangerous it is a person can get very far very quickly if they use the upheaval to their advantage.

The Empire is Burning.

The Year is 2005, there are three Emperors and the Old World is defined by the civil war in the Empire. Mordheim was struck down 5 years ago and whilst the second coming of Sigmar hasn’t arrived yet, the wyrdstone coming from the city’s ruins promises prosperity for any willing to fight the others who want a piece of that action. It isn’t all doom and gloom in the Empire, there is a new Count in Sylvania and whilst the rumours surrounding his court are horrific the people seem to love Vlad and his wife. It is a hard life but if you choose your loyalties wisely and are willing to do what needs to be done you can make a decent life for yourself.

Fiasco is a game that requires dice, 4 for each player split between two colours (2 white, 2 black for example) this means a 3 player game (the minimum needed) would require 6 dice of each colour and 12 dice total. If you are thinking about playing a Fiasco set it would possibly be an idea to bring 12-20 dice divided evenly between two colours. Also paper and a pen, there will be some dice and things floating about but no idea how many.