***New Guests Announced***

Neil Roberts

Skinny Elbows himself

Neil Roberts (also known by the creative moniker SkinnyElbows) is a freelance illustrator, painter, sculptor, 3D modeller and comic book artist. His work has graced countless Black Library novels, novellas, 2000AD comic strips and covers –  though he is best known for the covers of the New York Times bestselling Horus Heresy series.

Note: Neil will only be attending the Sunday of the event.

Laurie Goulding

Laurie's Image

Laurie Goulding was born in London, grew up in Burton-upon-Trent, then experienced a slight regression in Winchester before finally settling in Nottingham. By day he works as a Content Editor for Games Workshop, shepherding the New York Times bestselling Horus Heresy series through the metaphorically grim darkness of the not-so-distant future, towards the various publishing deadlines that this necessitates. By night, he writes across several genres and under various names, the most common being L J Goulding – his published works include Mark of Calth, Gotrek & Felix: Lost Tales, Mortarion’s Heart and The Imperial Truth.

When not wrangling words, Laurie is a keen ice hockey enthusiast, training with several local teams and supporting the Nottingham Panthers as fervently as his bank balance will allow. He has no dental fillings and has never broken a bone. Not one of his own, anyway.

Gav Thorpe.

The Face of Gav

Joining Games Workshop at the age of nineteen, Gav Thorpe was a staff writer and games developer on the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universe for fourteen years, and has also written novels in those worlds for the past fifteen years and more. His most popular works include The Sundering trilogy, the Path of the Eldar, works from the Horus Heresy series including Deliverance Lost, the audio dramas Raven’s Flight and Honour to the Dead, and the New York times best-selling novella The Lion. He is also published by Angry Robot books where you can find his epic swords-and-sandals fantasy saga gathered in the omnibus collection entitled Empire of the Blood. Gav has also worked on, and is currently working on, numerous tabletop and video games, including as a designer, writer and world creation consultant. He lives near Nottingham with his partner Kez and baby boy Sammy.

Note: Gav will only be attending the Sunday of the event. 

Rob Sanders.

The Face of Rob Sanders

Rob Sanders is a freelance writer who spends his nights creating dark visions for the regular visitors to the worlds of Warhammer to relive in the privacy of their own nightmares.

His Black Library credits include the Warhammer novels Archaon: Everchosen, Archaon: Lord of Chaos, the Warhammer 40,000 books Redemption Corps, Atlas Infernal, Legion of the Damned and Skitarius as well as various shorter tales for the Horus Heresy. He lives in the small city of Lincoln, UK.

Note: Rob will only be attending the Saturday of the event.


C.Z. Dunn

Gaze into the face of Dunn.

After spending more than a decade working in the benighted cloister of the Black Library Editorial Department – where he worked on the Eagle Award-winning Warhammer Monthly and edited two New York Times bestselling anthologies among many other things – CZ Dunn recently made the switch from gamekeeper to poacher and now strings his own words together instead of rearranging other people’s. Primarily known for his work on audio dramas such as The Ascension of Balthasar and Trials of Azrael, he has also written the tie-in novella to the Dark Vengeance Warhammer 40,000 boxed set and the novel Pandorax which is based on the Apocalypse supplement of the same name.

An avid lover of cheese (in all its forms), he lives in the suburban wilds of Nottingham surrounded by enough animals to open a small petting zoo and enough single malt to make him very popular among his friends.

Note: CZ Dunn will only be attending the Sunday of the Event. 

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